Linkdump: November 2020

7-segment magnet-driven ball clock Thermite Welding Train Tracks A review of the Apple Face Mask, via The Prepared A 3D printed infinity mirror Jeffries tube. Design available here. My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal Moving a large building by walking What Victorian-era seaweed pressings reveal about our changing seas Biofluorescence in the platypus

Linkdump: July 2020

Inside the Pulsar Calculator watch from 1975 Simrefinery recovered Putting the coronavirus under the microscope The helium shortage has ended, at least for now Ken Shirriff looks at the 8086 processor Strike a solder joint behind enemy lines Testing the Mars helicopter in a simulated martian atmosphere A project to make a DEC H-500 Computer … Continue reading Linkdump: July 2020