Linkdump: May 2021

Interactive Conductive Thread Art (YouTube) Stenophylla: coffee for a warmer climate A 142 year old experiment on seed viability How to grow alum crystals at home How Microfishing Took the Angling World by (Very Small) Storm Embroidery animation by Alexis Sugden How Covid-19 helped redefined airborne transmission

Linkdump: March 2021

Illusion art by Odeith You can help catalog UV fluorescent organisms on iNaturalist Early American Motorcycles Exhibit at the SFO Museum London bomb shelter agriculture and Paris underground parking garage mushroom farming A list of illegal 6502/6510 opcodes (via) Bangladesh revives production of traditional muslin Ice carousel in Roihuvuori, Finland (YouTube) Sushi made from polished … Continue reading Linkdump: March 2021

Linkdump: November 2020

7-segment magnet-driven ball clock Thermite Welding Train Tracks A review of the Apple Face Mask, via The Prepared A 3D printed infinity mirror Jeffries tube. Design available here. My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal Moving a large building by walking What Victorian-era seaweed pressings reveal about our changing seas Biofluorescence in the platypus

Linkdump: October 2020

Restored, upscaled, and colorized film of a 1902 ride on a suspended train in Germany Early web artwork restoration at the Guggenheim Doubts, a carpet by artist Faig Ahmed “The Different Useless Machine” (Rotates the switch instead of flipping it.) Introduction to the FOSS Governance Collection, for documents about how open source projects are managed. … Continue reading Linkdump: October 2020