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Hey Windell, thx for the fast and detailed reply!

I did try sending these really short messages resulting in jerky and noisy behaviour thats why I thought to post it here before breaking my precious new machine :)
Will try to schedule it in 20ms segments, will there be stuttering when a package is send with 1ms to late? (can’t test it now, few days without my machine) I will prepare some code in a separate thread to be sure it runs correctly timed.

Additional question 1:
Would I benefit from using the LM command because it needs less processing time or is it only interesting when you want to have more control on the acceleration?

Additional question 2:
When the Inkscape extension draws these really smooth curves does it send a sequence of really small SM lines to the the axidraw or does it work differently?

thx for your time.
Will post the result when the project is finished