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Well, I’m back.

The servo has apparently quit completely.

Is there a way to test this?

“Axicli -m toggle” no longer moves the pen (it did for a while).

I might get a prompt back immediately as if it had worked, or I might get a “failed to connect to axidraw” message after a bit of a wait.

I had one sketchy usb cable, but replacing it (with several different cables) has not gotten the servo to move.

So, it does not respond to “axicli -m toggle” and it does not respond when attempting a plot, that is, the pen holder runs around the paper as expected when plotting but the pen does not move up or down where I would expect it to.

Dead servo? Is there way to test other than “toggle” ?

And separately: the toggle command solves my issue with adjusting the pen, but earlier attempts to get axidraw extensions installed in inkscape on raspian suggest that this may be difficult, if not impossible.

Commands to update and install inkscape thinks an old inkscape is current, and my attempts to install from a personal repository suggest that raspian won’t recognize the commands to do that.

The command line interface seems to meet all my needs so far, but someone else down to line might get frustrated by this.