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The “Ultimate GPS” module is incredibly sensitive. In my 1 story wood frame house, there is no location where it will not pick enough signal to set the clock.  I would guess that in an apartment building it would have to be near a window though.  Another approach is to put the GPS receiver in a separate box, and use a pair of radios to link the two.  I’ve done this with Zigbee’s and it’s pretty easy.

I’ve thought about using a WiFly and syncing with a time server over the ‘net, but the GPS receiver is a lot less effort, all you have to do is parse the GPRMC message and you’ve got accurate time and date.

I’d like to add an indication that the time has been set from the GPS.  One thought I had was to blink the colon differently depending on if a GPS update had been received within some period of time.  Maybe alternate the dots if no signal, or only blink if the clock has been synced within the past n minutes.  Any thoughts?