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I use eselect all the time.  Actually I already had it set to 2.7.3 (as suggested in one suggestion) without success.  I also tried to add the python-interpreter=”/usr/bin/python2.7″  as well (again without success).

As a note, you can also use another trick that I do not know if it will work in this case (ie have not tried it yet) setting the hardcoded python above to “/usr/env python2” which will find the installed version 2 of pythong (wether the default is 2.6, 2.7, or installed in some place like /opt).

So, no.  Still not joy.

BTW, where are you located?  I am in the Washington DC area at the moment, heading into the the New Orleans area for the holidays.  If you are within 100 mils of there (or other destinations I will be traveling for fun and/or work) I can look into arranging a meetup to configure a Gentoo box.

BTW, what happened when you tried before?  The common mistake is not to build/install a kernel properly.  Depending on how far you got I can walk you through it (and to recover from the point you last got).  Anyway, let me know…