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sorry for the delay I am scrambling to get stuff done for work before vacation, and I was just asked to make a couple of trips for work into Africa…  I understand about the time crunch, and frankly I am impressed that you were even willing to try to setup a testbead.  What hardware specs does that machine have (net connection in specific)?  If you are willing to poke at it again, just let me know when and I will see if I can breakaway at the same time and make myself available via phone/web.  Another idea just came to mind.  Have you ever tried setting up virtual macjhiens via virtualbox, VMWare, or qemu?  I have set up testbeds that way on an occasion or two.  I do not remember having to set up kde/inkscape inside of one though, just bridging against Plan 9, Win*, and linux, and various build specialized configurations (like x486/x686 builds)…

Gentoo does not have a binary install for inkscape, but I will look around and see if I can find a prebuilt binary and try installing it.

more later,

  EBo —

ps: No, Sunnyvale is not so close to DC, but it is closer than Perth! ;-)