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Windell, thanks for the reply.  I am running the Gentoo Linux distribution with a 3.4.9 kernel.  I should be able to easily downgrade the version to whatever you suggest.  I can also downgrade the kernel if necessary.

The error happens no matter what image I have loaded (or none at all).

A couple of side notes.  I have had nothing but trouble with this beast, and in the couple of years I have had it I have never gotten it to work satisfactorily.  I also had it on loan to the hackerspace in Austin for a time, and one of the members reported he had it running (but I think he was running Windows). 

Also, when I power the beast up, the LED next to the USB port blinks in a in a constant long, short, long, short,… pattern.  Is this some sort of error code?

As a further note, usbview recognizes the EiBotBoard and returns the following information:

Manufacturer: SchmalzHaus
Speed: 12Mb/s (full)
USB Version:  2.00
Device Class: 02(comm.)
Device Subclass: 00
Device Protocol: 00
Maximum Default Endpoint Size: 64
Number of Configurations: 1
Vendor Id: 04d8
Product Id: fd92
Revision Number:  1.82

So, I do not think there is a real problem with the board, BUT when I run “gtkterm –port /dev/ttyACM0” I get the following errors:

!2 Err: TX Buffer overrun
!7 Err: Extra parmater

Any idea what that might be about?