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Thank you Windell,

I’m fairly certain that it’s not robopaint. I’d expect the computer and device manager to respond to a usb device even if there are no drivers. It would still show an unknown device. We tried all three usb ports but didn’t try a different cable.
I’ll do some more testing this evening and get something other than robopaint to try out. 
Could you possibly respond to the lights question and do you know anything about adjusting the current?
Thanks again Windell
*update after more troubleshooting
I’ve moved to another windows pc instead of the laptop we were using and switched out the usb for the one from my camera that has the same small usb connector.
I downloaded Robopaint RT.
I downloaded robopaint for the driver
The lights behave the same on this PC – usb light flashes quickly, then slowly once you plug it into the computer. Only one other light is on. The computer does not detect anything, nor make a usb device sound, nor report anything new in the device manager.
Both Robopaint and robopaint rt report that there is no watercolorbot to be found.