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Hi Windell, thanks for the quick reply!

1. Great! Glad to know it’s not the IC, as that would be a pain to take out at this point :)
2. If the LEDs are ‘damaged’, does that mean they will light when powered directly (as they do), but not when they are hooked to the clock’s circuit? When I hook them up to the 5v power source on the Arduino they work fine, and appear bright.
3. The LEDs which do not light now are: D12, D32, D42, D52, D62, D23, D24, D25, D26, and D21
I’ll double check for crossed / broken connections, but I don’t think there are any from what I can see. There looks like a shiny, clear liquid that has come from the solder, but that isn’t conductive is it? I also used two different brands of solder that seemed slightly different, would this have any effect on resistance or function?
Upon further testing, when I try to light D65 by touching the edge of the pad instead of the tiny points of the LED legs that were left after clipping, instead of lighting, D64 lights dimly, does that mean something?