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Windell Oskay

Do you have a multimeter that you can use to check for a connection between two points?  If so, I would check to see if there is a connection from the pin of the IC (it’s pin 23) to resistor R2, and to check to see if there’s a connection from R2 to the relevant pins of the LEDs.  

If not, try visually tracing from R2 to the IC (the trace is visible on the bottom side), and to D25 on the top side. You can also try adding a wire directly (temporarily soldering a wire, for example) from the right side of R2 to the pin of D25 there.
If you would like to send the board to us, for us to look at it, please contact us through our store contact form ( ). [For what it’s worth, people take us up on this offer on a regular basis. In almost all cases, we find that soldering one or two missing solder joints solves the problem.]