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Please be advised that the “aspect ratio” of 150% is valid only for the max diameter of the egg.
( Windell, you are absolutely right, 150% is spot on for a chicken egg with 42mm diameter and 58mm length. My previous value of 148% is only valid for a certain combination of egg diameter and egg length.  Sorry – my bad!  ;-) )
As the pen moves towards the ends the diameter of the egg gets smaller and the aspect ratio increases.
See my plot of the aspect ratio vs position. The software for plotting this graph is “still under construction” ;-)

Using the values from this plot I created a file in Inkscape where the circles to be plotted looks like the image on the left, the result on the egg:

Never mind the bad plot quality!
Still experimenting with the plot and the values. (The larger circles at the top is the result of plotting the aspect ratio curve “backwards” – The highest AR values are in the ‘pointed’ end of the egg, opposite of what was plotted. The version above is updated but can still contain some “Id Ten T” errors (Replace the Ten wit numbers).