Re: triggering art controller

Windell Oskay


Yes, the Art Controller can be triggered by any low-going signal. However, that is a term that has a specific meaning, and if you cannot provide an appropriate input, then it will not work correctly. 

 > If a buzzer makes a sound it is getting a valid signal. 

Yes indeed, but you need to remember that the buzzer is getting a valid signal for driving a buzzer. That does not mean or imply that it is getting an appropriate (or inappropriate) signal for anything else. A buzzer requires a specific type of input, just as the Art Controller does.  

>I also purchased the art controller for reliability. I really don’t want to slightly manage it. 

Then you need to provide enough power to operate both kits, and a common ground reference between the two.  From what I can tell, the 5 V on the Art Controller does not provide enough power to operate both it and the clock kit.  And, a single-wire connection is never capable of providing a true “low going signal.”  
> Apparently this is not a forum that is monitored by company tech support. Maybe I should contact them directly.

With all due respect, the person that actually designed the product is here, directly answering your questions, and trying their best to help you through an issue.  Neither dismissing me nor saying that “nothing works” will help move towards a solution.  I have made some specific suggestions that you are welcome to take, and if you would like additional help with debugging this application, I am here and willing to help.