Re: Tuning?

Windell Oskay

To clarify a bit: When we talk about “cogging,” we are referring to cases where the motors are effectively skipping big steps, and losing track of where they are supposed to be– for example if the carriage does not return to the home corner (but goes elsewhere, or only partway back) when you ask it to.  

In the video, there is some “jerky” motion, but it doesn’t look like any steps are being skipped. Rather, it just looks like it’s getting input slowly.  If you’re seeing this in RoboPaint RT  (which is Java based), you may be running up against the speed of the program on your computer. Two things you might try: Press the numbered keys on your keyboard to change the speed (1-9), slowing it down a little, and try sketching the drawing first, with the pause button selected, and then resume, to let the robot paint everything at once.