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    Hi Windell. Thank you for the response. I’m a little new to the intricacies of the SVG format and this helped.

    I am creating mostly in Processing with a variety of my own and other sketches, but the troublesome files are coming from modified versions of Scott Cooper’s pathfinding and gcode sketch:

    It makes some huge outputs sometimes, which can be troublesome for Inkscape on limited machines… so I’m exploring CLI which is simple and expedient.

    Height and Width is set for this particular file — I had thought it was in pixels but now I’m realizing it’s probably mm (and therefore very large). Viewport is definitely not set in these files.

    You’ve answered my question which is that it’s stored in the SVG itself. I’ll check out vpype which looks perfect for what I need, and play with directly adding/modifying the SVG tags.

    I guess I had kind of hoped I could do something like this with the CLI:

    axicli myfile.svg –resize 8.5in x 11in


    axicli myfile.svg –paper-size A4 –model 2

    You get the idea.

    Thank you!

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