Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and CandyFab at MakerFaire!

Maker Faire.
Attention SF Bay Area folks: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and CandyFab are coming to Maker Faire! Space-time coordinates: San Mateo, CA, May 3-4, 2008.

We’ll be there in force with (amongst other things) a tabletop BristleBot Arena and great progress to show off on a lot of our upcoming projects: Next generation interactive LED coffee table panels, the debut of Peggy 2.0, and the brand new design for the CandyFab 5000, all of which we’ll be writing much more about this summer. Find us in the south hall, past the Tesla coils.

Great things are coming to Maker Faire, and you can come visit, get a sneak preview and chat.


We’ll sure hope to see you there. Advance tickets are on sale at a discount through Friday April 25.