Linkdump: August 2019

Casting Glass from 3D Printed Molds Documentation on data storage and file formats Cats with Cameras Svg2Shenzhen: An Inkscape extension for exporting artwork as PCB graphics The “terrible” 3 cent MCU – a short survey of sub $0.10 microcontrollers. Sparktrola Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Thermochromic temperature and humidity display Make your own GENIAC replica Carvone: … Continue reading Linkdump: August 2019

Linkdump: July 2019

The Punjabi truck stops of America Bitcoin mining on an Apollo Guidance Computer NeverSSL: A surprisingly useful non-SSL web site Crashed plane located in a pub Doc Pop hired writers and artists on Fiverr to play a game of telephone How and Why Sunflowers Turn Their Golden Heads Secretly Public Doman highlights books of a … Continue reading Linkdump: July 2019

Linkdump: June 2019

How to make a faux-neon sign with EL wire What can you learn from a school of fossilized fish? First ever solar eclipse film brought back to life Open source, 3D-printed Croissant Machine (well, dough sheeter) Babylonians Were Using Geometry Centuries Earlier Than Thought Supertall New York City skyscrapers, thanks to zoning loopholes LEGO SR-71 … Continue reading Linkdump: June 2019

Linkdump: May 2019

Unraveling the JPEG When Measles Arrives: Breaking Down the Anatomy of Containment The Rube Goldberg of Skateboarding: Matt Tomasello (YouTube, via Rusty’s Electric Dreams) Gareth’s Tips, Tools & Shop Tales a newsletter from Gareth Branwyn Project Phaedra is digitizing and transcribing the notebooks of the first women astronomers at Harvard, including Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin who was … Continue reading Linkdump: May 2019

Linkdump: April 2019

The curious case of Public Sans A mariachi cover of A-ha’s “Take on Me” (YouTube via Laughing Squid) Pea knives exist (via Rusty’s Electric Dreams) A video about HP’s first computer, the 2116A (YouTube) How “yo-yo” de-spin works for spacecraft (YouTube) What do mice do in zero-G? History of CNC machining, written for Bantam Tools … Continue reading Linkdump: April 2019

Linkdump: March 2019

The Use of a Cosmograph to make a Sankey Flow Diagram An interview with SFO’s museum program curator Nicole Mullen What Finally Killed AirPower Build a Lego Launch Umbilical Tower for your Saturn V Lessons learned from the Prince of Persia source code How Banksy authenticates his work DIY tiny landing barge for your vertical-landing … Continue reading Linkdump: March 2019

Linkdump: January 2019

Chirping bird sculpture made from electronic components (one of many entries in the Hackaday Circuit Sculpture contest which recently ended) Glow-in-the-Dark Plotter Clock Fast HSV to RGB Conversion for small CPUs The Maraschino Mogul’s Secret Life Dissection fonts: Typefaces made of pieces that can be assembled into a square, from Erik Demaine Puzzle Font page … Continue reading Linkdump: January 2019