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Hope I can make sense with this.

Par Time = Run time
Delay Time = Amount of time before the Par Time/Run Time starts

Let go back to the basic program without the 3 second delay.

I set say 5 seconds par/run time using the dip switches.
I activate the trigger input via an external Momentary Push Switch
This then starts the Par time/Run time for PB4 to go high for 5 secs

Below is the sequence of events

1) Activate trigger wait 3 seconds (Delay Time) before starting the Par
time/Run time
2) Once Par Time/Run Time Starts we activate PB4 high and stays high for the
entire Par Time/Run Time
3) Once Par Time/Run Time Starts we activate PB3 High for a total run time of
0.3-0.5 seconds max then PB3 goes low.
4) End of the Par Time/Run Time PB4 goes Low
5) PB3 to go high 0.2 secs before PB4 goes low and stays high for a
further 0.2 – 0.3 seconds then goes low.
6) Wait for Next Trigger to start the sequence again.

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