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Dear Windell,
thanks for your fast reply. I should have been more precise.
Using the python API/CLI of the most recent release (Jul 2019) I print on my setup (modified WCB setup, Cartesian XY (i.e. one motor for each axis), EBB board controlling magnetic encoders on the stepper motors using PID). Using standard settings, a svg is rotated 45°, as mentioned in the code.
After modifying at line 2158/9 and 2174/5, i.e. the calculation of motor_dist1/2 (and its conversion back to delta_x/y_inches_rounded) I get the correct movement behavior using the manual/interactive mode using walk_x etc. However, printing an svg with this setting results in somehow erratic behavior, where the carriage walks out of bounds each time.
I’m new to this and happy for any hint where the problem might be. I would like to use the python api, since it offers smoother movements (acc-/deceleration) and far more options for automatic printing.
Thank you for your help!