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Hi Windell,

Great news, I’ve finally had the chance to sit down with my clock again and I identified the fault… between R9 and pin 5 I could not read any resistance so was worried about an open circuit although I’m not sure I really understand this measurement because the resistor is already wired into the circuit so wouldn’t I just be measuring the rest of the circuit anyway?

So, on further investigation and in looking at the circuit diagram, I saw one end of R9 connects directly to the LED9 jumper… however, if I measured for continuity I found none between that end of R9 and the jumper… An open circuit between R9 and jumper LED9 (on the PCB itself!). The PCB looks good visually, so this is strange.

But anyway, I wired R9 and LED9 up directly using a banana connector and when I do this, the clock works fine. In this case, I guess I’ll just solder a small jumper wire into the back of the blue PCB to connect these two points up.

Again, unfortunately, I have to leave my reassembly until next Thursday but I’ll confirm if this has solved all the issues next week.

Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated!!!