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Windell Oskay

These LED patterns that you’ve just described do not make sense to me. I think either you have mis-identified the LEDs or something is severely wrong.

Blue LED D45 is the one connected from LED4 to LED5. To turn that on, we take LED4 high and and LED5 low.

Red LED D510 is connected from LED5 to LED 10, and red LED D104 is connected from LED10 to LED4. In order to turn on D510 or D104, we would expect to require that LED5 is high and LED4 is low — the opposite of what we’re seeing.

Can you please double check the numbers that you have cited, and — since it sounds like you might have removed a ring — also double check that each board is in the correct orientation– with the “*”s lined up one above each other, and solder joints on all three boards facing up.