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Hi again Windell (it’s that time of week!),

I double checked all the connections, checking that there were no shorts between any of the LEDs or between any other lines where there shouldn’t be connections using the circuit diagram. I couldn’t find anything wrong so in a trial and error approach I replaced one of the problematic blue LEDs and that solved the problem with those red LEDs, so I went onto replace the other two as well. I notice that when a couple of other blue LEDs light up, two red LEDs also light up simultaneously, but just very, very faintly… you can’t see this when it’s functing in time-mode only in alignment-mode. So I’ve reassembled the whole clock as I think it’s working as best I can get it without an entire overhaul of all blue LEDs which I’m really reluctant to do. I just hope that the slight lighting up of some other red LEDs in conjunction with the blue LEDs isn’t a sign of a future fault creeping in. I’ll keep an eye on it anyway.

Thanks for all of your correspondance over the last few weeks. I really appreciate the help as well as your speedy and friendly responses.

All the best,