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Windell Oskay

There isn’t a path maximum per se, but depending what you are doing and what is in your file, there are certain things that can go wrong.

What types of things can go wrong depends mostly on what it is that you are doing. There are different things that can go wrong if you are driving from a PC versus a raspberry pi, and there are different things that can go wrong if you are using the Inkscape plugin versus the CLI versus third party software.

If your file has extremely nested objects — like groups of groups more than 500 deep — you can run into certain types of recursion limits in the software, depending on which software you are using.

If you are working from a PC, check to make sure that it hasn’t gone to sleep.

In addition to not saying what type of computer or software you’re using, you haven’t said what happened when it quit. Do you mean that Inkscape quit, that something crashed, that you got an error message, or something else?

If you’re working from our Inkscape, python, or CLI based software, you might try running a plot preview. Doing so should reveal if any kind of memory limit or parsing error is encountered in the file.

You might also consider contacting tech support directly by email, so we can work on debugging with you. If it’s a particular file that’s causing an issue, we may be able to identify what the cause is.