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Quote “it sounds like you are saying there is some relationship between having the GPS signal and adjusting the time for DST.”

I tried to state, indirectly, that by not having a GPS signal or fix is not necessary for DST.

Question “Are you trying to compute DST time changes based on the GPS coordinates?”

No, we are using a RTC present date to compute for the “projected” DST dates using a DST table.
When the date arrives (spring forward or fall back) we adjust the RTC +- 1 hour.

Quote “I thought about getting the time from the ‘net using a wifi adapter, but the Ultimate GPS works so well, and it doesn’t have to be configured with SSID, password, etc.”

The Electric IMP uses a “LCD screen blink-up” from an Android or IOS device. The Wifi settings are set in this ARM SD cardin about one minute. No programming is necessary.

Using the Atomic clock, GPS or Wifi, we found the Wifi the easiest to implement, reliable and somewhat precise. Above all, the Wifi provided the best cost solution.