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#ifdef moose

I pulled all the ICs and reinstalled them. I removed the display modules and inspected the solder joints and I can’t find anything obviously bad There were no bridges that I could find (but I wasn’t expecting any, since it did work for a few days). Some of the joints looked a little dull when viewed from above, but they’re shiny when viewed from the side, and none of the components feel loose.

The rear LED didn’t light when I connect the power supply (I didn’t reinstall the displays). I tried moving through the menu blind, making a few changes at each stop, to see if it would make noise or light the LED.
I’m stuck. If you’re willing to try to diagnose the problem, how should I prepare it for shipment? I assume you want the PCB and the ICs. Should I remove the ICs and put them on the antistatic foam, or leave them installed, and should I put everything back together, and replace the LED modules?