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Windell Oskay

I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with the file (or perhaps with Inkscape, or perhaps with our software and how we handle documents that have had a unit transformation), but here is how to fix it: Start with the Inkscape template for letter size (File > Templates > Letter) and then import your SVG into that file, using File > Import.

For the future, I would recommend that you update your SVG generating script to use that template (or even your new SVG created by the method above), and fill in the center part with the actual data that you want to use.

Also, the behavior that you are seeing is essentially what one might expect from a large scaling error– it’s trying to travel far outside the mechanical limits of the machine, and the “software limit switches” are limiting its range of movement, and hence leaving it in a corner. With your permission, I’ll keep your file around as a test case, and hopefully we can handle scaling errors more gracefully in the future.