Re: Automated drawing bot help

I have only spent a few days working on this project so I guess I don’t have the correct terminology sorry. 

Just to clarify everything:
What I need to do is write a program which will take an svg file and draw it onto a post-it note for a human to peel.
The functionality is that I need to take the svg file and then get the EiBot to draw the file.
I have spent the last few days trawling through all the code trying to gain a better understanding of the entire process.
  • Is the wbc drawing components dependant on inkscape? If so would it be scriptable to specify a svg to be drawn?
  • Does any of the other software have little/no dependancies on user input in their drawing components?
  • Can I run any of your software through a terminal specifying a svg file either via terminal or code.

Once I know this I can determine whether I am heading in the right direction.