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Nice results and interesting to read.  Thanks for sharing this.
Also, consider the type of egg you draw on.  Chicken eggs have particularly poor sizing in this regard.  And cleaning them first with water with a little vinegar makes it worse. I prefer duck eggs since they have stronger sizing.  You can also apply coatings in advance to help with the sizing.  Without any coatings, I’ve had very good success with duck eggs and technical pens with jewel tip nibs. The nice thing about such pens is you have a lot of control over the inks you choose to run, but with the smaller nibs you do have to be careful and sometimes even filter the inks first.  (Also getting very hard to get jewel tipped nibs: the folks I know in Japan who make them for Koh-i-Noor only do so twice a year and there’s a waiting list.)  Goose eggs, btw, have a rough surface.  I stick to inexpensive pens on them as the surface can ruin them pretty quickly.  Some of the nicer fiber tip technical pens have replaceable nibs, but I don’t like wasting them on goose eggs — I just use old Sharpies on them.