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Windell Oskay

We did receive the board, and found that several LEDs had failed– either not lighting up or lighting up, but somehow connecting two of the LED lines together.  We swapped those out, and it seemed okay, but on letting it run a little longer, we’ve found that a few of the others are now flickering or otherwise.  And, I must say that we have _never_ seen anything like this before.  (The Bulbdials at our shop are running fine after years…)

We can keep replacing the LEDs until we’ve got them all, but I’m absolutely lacking any kind of explanation about what could have caused this. Is there anything “unusual” that you might have exposed the circuit to?  (I don’t imagine there is, but again, I’d really like to get to the bottom of this.) Can you say what kind of soldering iron you use?  The other solder joints look good, but I am curious if there could have been some electrical damage.