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Windell Oskay

The fact that you have intermittent issues suggests that it’s not an issue with the code. This sounds like a hardware problem. It could be an issue with a bad switch, a bad power supply, a cracked capacitor, or with a partial/intermittent short or open circuit in a few different places. 

When you bump the USB-TTL connector, you are touching the reset pin (through a capacitor). This can potentially reboot the clock, and that’s not necessarily a problem. The fact that it tends to run backwards– at all –does suggest that the settings aren’t being saved or read correctly, but that could again be due to one of the factors that I mentioned above.  
The two things that I would check first would be to see if there is a possible soldering issue, and then to see (as I asked about earlier) whether it is keeping time correctly. You might try those.  Alternately, you might consider sending it back to us to take a look– I’d be curious because of the strange effects that you are seeing. If you would like to do that, please contact us through our contact form to get an RMA.