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Sorry, work kicked in and I haven’t had a chance to work on this more until tonight. 

The flipping and flopping was referring to trying to follow the traces above and below to figure our what goes to what. 

The reflowing was done quickly. Sorry. Won’t happen again. ;0) My thinking was that in running through all the points, if there was a short, blob, stray wire, unsoldered joint connection… I would see it. 

LED1 to LED 2 shows 690ish OHMs.
Just out of curiosity I checked between all the LED lines (not D14, D24, D34 etc, but LED1-LED10) and there is quite a variety here. There are some that show OL, several that read between 30k-50k and LED1-LED2 being the lowest at 600-700, but I am just shooting in the dark. Windell, I want to troubleshoot this thing and not waste your time, but charlieplexing is always a mess when it goes south. But, just being honest, I do not have a clue where to begin on this one.

I am also questioning myself here. I would have swore that this was working properly when I was done because there is an entirely different look when one LED per color is on vs. multiple LEDs on. But… Aside from ooohing and ahhhhing at it, it was just sitting there. So, I do not know what the heck happened. 

Once I get this finished and working again, is it possible to get a clear front plate cut without the circle hole in the center? I am noticing that dust is getting in there and I want to seal it up as much as possible. I am looking very seriously at the rear projection clock face so the absence of a hole will not detract. If this is possible, what would the cost be?