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As stated above;
Your “design” can be plotted on the eggbot with just a few changes to some of the parts.
The eggbot does not produce “filled in” parts. The fill-in has to be added manually.
To change your design I would set the fill to none and stroke to a high contrast color.
Then I would select the path and do a duplicate and then inset (by two pixels).
Add Path effect – Hatches (Rough)
Then do a Extension – eggbot – preset hatches for fills.

A few manual edits has to be made to the design as the hatching function is not (yet)
“smart enough” to avoid hatching in the closed areas inside (like lakes on a map) the outline.

The plot of your design (I did not ‘extract’ all the ‘lakes’ in the left part –
will leave that as an exercise for you!).
Same goes for the leaves in the plant – I filled in a few – you can do the rest ;-)

As you see on the right part of the plant – the pen tip is too coarse to get all
the fine details, I have removed some on the left part for comparison.
More of the fine details has to be removed or the paths has to be moved further apart to get a decent plot.

I have also stretched the designs along the x-axis to get the proportions more “correct”.

The file as plotted; SVG_File
To get a ‘better” plot you will have to edit the file some more. The red “Art” is still a disaster – needs more work.

Results;  part1 part2 part3
As you see the eggbot extension is “unforgiving” – it plots even “invincible lines” that is lines with no stroke or fill, One of the squares around the “red” object had no stroke and was not selected when I moved the rest.