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Hi Brian.

After testing the pen move using the 2.2.3 version I reckoned – why not try “the real thing” – running the eggbot from Inkscape.

When setting up the eggbot after flashing the EBB on the Eggbot ( I used my spare EBB board for testing on the bench) I found the pen-up pen-down to be reversed in v2.2.3.
When I perform – “Raise pen – turn off motors’ the pen is lowered. By reversing the upper and lower values in the setup I can still use version 2.2.3 but it might confuse users having a lower number in the Up position than in the Down position.
Flashing the EBB back to V2.1.5 changes to “Normal’ behavior.

From looking at the commands sent to the EBB from Inkscape using a USB device Monitor (software) when performing a “Raise the Pen” manual command Inkscape sends;


– According to the EBB bot board command manual it is supposed to be the other way around “SP,0” to raise the pen and “SP,1” to lower. From manual;

Format: “SP,<value>,<duration>,<portBpin><CR>”
<value> is 0 (for up) or 1 (for down)

Looking at the confirms this error to be in the extension code. The EBB code works according to the manual. I have verified this using my standalone python test program.

By the way the “Command manual” is missing a section on the “QB” (QueryButton) command.