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Hi Brian.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try the different suggestions to your ‘microstep’ fix – as a ‘hardware guy’ I just assumed the problem to be in the code!! – (As Jerry Pournelle (Byte Magazine – Chaos Manor – now Circuit Cellar) – once said “My favorite programming language is solder!” – ;-) ).
Will be able to have a closer look at the timing once I receive my Digilent Analog Discovery kit.

An interesting observation when checking the different datasheets from Allegro is that in later versions of the motor driver chip there are a mode to avoid loosing steps in slow micro-stepping, see page 8 of this data-sheet; A4988 datsheet. I don’t know if this is applicable in this case.

I am aware of the limitations in the current settings – without the proper voltage or too high coil resistance you will never achieve the set current.

For other use of the EBB board an acceleration / deceleration feature would be nice. The motor is capable of high RPM but will have to be ‘ramped up’ and ‘down’ to avoid stalling or loosing steps.

Again; Thanks for the feedback, it’s really appreciated!