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A few observations on the 2.2.5 version.
Inkscape is unable to make any plots with this version.
Inkscape receives an incorrect return on Pen Up/Pen Down as it’s inserting a ‘Null Move” SM command according to the EBB Command manual recommendation. This can be seen by setting the pen height using the eggbot extension in Inkscape. Seems like the return value from the SM command is incorrect or not being accepted by Inkscape. When trying the SM command in my standalone program the response seems OK.

Response trying to plot: BadResponce.txt

Note that the ‘Pause’ button was never pressed, I have seen this behavior on the previous versions as well where the plot stops with inkscape reporting that the ‘pause’ button was pressed – when it was not, trying to ‘resume’ never returns to the correct place ruining the plot. I have tried to lower the baud rate as I thought it might be caused by ‘incorrect’ commands sent to the EBB, but this does not help. Maybe a bug?

The ‘QC’ command is ‘broken’ as well; the reported value for voltage is always ‘0001’ no matter if motor voltage is applied or not.

A last comment on the pen arm servo behavior; on resetting the board the servo is always returned to mid position, in my opinion this is bad as the eggbot will lower the pen onto the egg ‘ruining’ my plot! I would much rather have it to lift the pen using the last stored pen-up value.

On a more ‘positive’ note;

The ‘long move’ command is working like a charm! (Running from standalone python program.) Well done! This opens up a plethora of new possibilities for the eggbot and EBB board! (I can now draw a line from upper left to lower right corner filling in the egg in one move or – issue a ‘long move’ and ‘manually’ draw or fill in close to the end of the eggs. This is the closest thing to continuous rotation! I am doing the ‘happy dance’ right now!!

Happy Coding!