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I can live with the servo in center at reset – my ‘solution’ is just to move the servo horn so this becomes the ‘default pen up’ position.

I’am sort of glad you got the timeout as well, I was about to suggest that this ‘bug’ would not become apparent unless you were ‘power-plotting’ – like I am doing – for hours.

For the resume option to work it would be nice to have the option to write the EBB commands to a file as well – by analyzing the file might be possible to figure out why it fails.

Another option that would be nice is to have the EBB ‘store’ the ‘home’ position before starting the plot by setting the x and y count to zero.  By adding and subtracting the steps for egg and pen respectively as it goes along it would then be possible to return ‘home’ by a command. As it is now the inkscape extension ‘assumes’ that the last command sent is executed by the EBB and it’s resuming to the following step, but if the EBB is paused ‘mid-command’ some steps will be lost.

Happy Coding!