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Ragmar – implementing the ‘homing’ would not be impossible, I think. It would be very easy for the EBB to keep track of the absolute step value for each axis. We could then have a ‘go home’ command, and a ‘zero’ (i.e. this is home) command. It would probably also be good to have a command that could retrieve the current global x and y step positions.

To take advantage of it, somebody would have to make changes to the Inkscape extension. I haven’t learned enough Python to do this.
I actually do log all of the data to a file – sort of. I use a program called hub4hub that allows me to ‘split’ the serial port data inside Windows and monitor (and record) every byte that goes between Inkscape and EggBot. I can also send commands to EggBot while Inkscape is still running and connected to it, which is really cool. But the point is that I can clearly see why Inkscape is thinking that the pause button got pushed. The serial data coming back from the EBB is getting jumbled. And so when Inkscape sends the QB command (Query Button), the response should come back “0nrOKnr”. But instead it comes back “OKnr0nr” for some reason, and this messes up Inkscape. I’m looking into that right now.
I have fixed the problem with 2.2.4 where the motor voltage reading is broken. I had left in some debugging code and it messed with pin RC5 (the analog input we measure the motor voltage on). The next version will have that fixed.