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Hi Brian.

I have moved the servo horn on the servo in order to lift the pen a few mm off the egg when in the reset (middle) position. I ended up on having pen up / pen down values of 24 and 19 respectively in Inkscape. When resetting the EBB the servo does a quick ‘pen down’ movement before going to the middle position causing the pen to ‘peck’ the egg. Any possible solution for having the servo go straight to middle position?
Would it be a good idea to incorporate the ‘new’ servo horn setting in the Eggbot assembly guide?
(I once suggested pre-setting the potmeter to middle position on the EBB board to avoid some of the beginners problems using the eggbot but generated no interest whatsoever from EMS ;-)  )

Installed the com0com software, works like a charm. What are you using as a terminal after MS removed Hyperterminal from windows?