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Hi Brian.

Thanks for the nice words and the long answer with a very nice explanation on how your code works.
I figured most of the details as you have explained from your very well commented code!

I would love to test the 2.2.3 code but I have one “small” problem, I can’t find it!
The highest version I can find is 2.2.1, here; Where do I find the 2.2.3 version?

I understand the implications of testing the new “cutting edge” versions but as long as I can revert back to a “proven” version I find it exciting.

One question on the current measurement, when measuring the current vs counts I measured the coil having the highest current (for simplicity I measured the voltage across the coil and calculated the current). My values came out lower than stated in the EBB command reference documentation. See here for a plot; Looking at the values I realized they are “off” by a constant. The difference might be close to √2 = 1.41 less which to me implies the current setting is for peak current through the coil and my measured values are the RMS values. Is this correct? I have not had time to study the data sheet for the Allegro 4983 motor driver chips yet but will do in order to get a better understanding of the “inner” workings of the EBB board.

Keep up the good work!