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Hi Windell,

Thanks for the reply! I’m sorry I didn’t describe the problem better. I’ve read the article on Map Projection and understand about stretching designs for printing on eggs.

It’s when it’s printing on a sphere that’s the problem. I’ve been printing on spheres successfully. The design needed no squishing in Inkscape and printed proportionally on the sphere whether it was an ornament or ping pong ball.

But for some reason, sometimes a design that printed properly before comes out elongated.

For example, I printed an identical design on three identical ornaments. The designs on two of the ornaments are elongated. The design on the third one is perfect. (and for the record, these are round ornaments.)

Same with the ping pong balls. I printed a circular design on one and it came out perfect. The next time I tried it, it was elongated.

However, I didn’t print all of these things in a row. I printed an ornament, switched to a ping pong ball, switched back again, and so forth. That’s why I was thinking one of the manual settings might be to blame for my inconsistent results.

I guess I’m wondering whether there’s a particular setting on the machine – pen arm height, motor height, pen holder height, etc. – which might cause an occasional elongation?