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Glad you like them!  8^)

1.  Perhaps we could acknowledge the designer while making it clear that the designer is not responsible for this incarnation, by doing something like:  prepending “Like ” or “Derived from ” or “Not ” or “Based on ” or “Eggbot-“, rather than simply making up descriptive names???

1a. For what it’s worth, at the author is quoted as:

Note of the author

A casual handwritten font, handmade with care by yours truly. Includes numbers and punctuation.

Free for personal AND commercial use. That’s right, FREE. 100% Free, no need to ask permission!

And the license.txt file that accompanied the download said:

Free for personal or commercial use. That’s right, FREE. 100% Free, for any project. No need to ask permission… just use it! Enjoy :)
Jenna Sue

2.  I’ll review and touch-up if necessary the three fonts you have mentioned.  What would you like me to submit to you – just the text lines to be inserted into and hershey.inx, or new and hershey.inx?
And where should they be sent?, or someplace else?  Or maybe you want to open an issue at github and I’ll send them there?

3. Would you also like the .svg files I generated where I hand-traced each glyph, and which are the input files to the Visual Basic 6 svg-to-hershey program?

4. I would be glad to give you the VB6 program, but it is very very creaky and windows only.  Would you like me to rewrite the VB6 program in python?  It would be a good python learning experience for me.

5. If you wish me to give the same treatment to additional fonts, please let me know, I’d be happy to – this is kinda fun!  8^)