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I’ve been fontifying quite a bit, as you can see.  I wish I had been more consistent in a number of my design decisions, but overall I’m pretty pleased.  Not really professional quality, but definitely usable for eggbot I would venture.  Your pointing me to google was a “goodo”  8^) , though I think they do not have all of the SIL OFL faces.

I have checked the metadata in all the exemplars, and all state that they are licensed with SIL OFL (except Tangerine has nothing in the metadata, though both fontsquirrel and google claim the SIL OFL license applies.  I have an email request in with fontsquirrel requesting the source of their licensing info.)

Yeah, I see what you mean about the naming problem.  If I had designed one of those fonts, I for sure would not want to see it hacked up by somebody like me without changing the name.

I find that annoyingly has two casts to integer in draw_svg_text.  For use here I’ve changed the casts to float.  The only difference is that the cast to integer forces character location to integer values, which leaves an ambiguity of up to 1 step in character position.  Once the character is positioned, allows my more-precise values for the character shape.  A possible workaround would be for me to do the conversion to hershey at a larger size.  This would presumably cause user to scale it down, so the character position ambiguity would be reduce to less than one step.

Thus, your experimental skip-pen-up-down (“SPUD”?) would perhaps only marginally work on the integer text.  Dunno, you’d have to try it.  With the two casts changed to float, I get beautiful joinage of joinable cursive characters.  I was not, however, thinking of your SPUD algorithm when I did the fonts, so the beginning and end of cursive characters is not readily identifiable.  This could be fixed by my reworking the fonts if it proves desirable.