Re: Digicomp II troubleshooting

Windell Oskay

Good; that sounds a lot better.   I’d imagine that more humidity would be a bigger issue, as the wood pieces may not slide so easily.

For T4, do you find that it “clicks” when you slide it from one side to the other?  If so, you may find it helpful to very slightly loosen the four wingnuts, turn the Digi-Comp on its RIGHT side, and tighten them again.  If it does not “click,” but is just a little “slow,” do not loosen the wingnuts. Put one finger on the pivot pin head to hold it in place, and turn the switch back and forth a few dozen times to loosen it up.
For the start lever, put your finger on the spot where the connecting rod meets the START lever, and apply gentle pressure at that location while gently moving the lever through its full range of motion, several dozen times.  We’ve found this to help loosen things up.