Re: Digicomp II troubleshooting

Windell Oskay

The test that we use– before it ships –is that you need to be able to place a ball, at zero speed, right above where it says “MAN,” and it should work *every time* for dozens of balls in a row.  It’s a pretty rigorous test.

Now, what we have found is that when our Digi-Comps have been sitting still for a few days, they tend to stiffen up a bit, and we do need to “exercise” the start lever for a little while in order for this part to work reliably.  The stiffening is because the wood relaxes over time and possibly with humidity changes.  The likely sources of friction are as follows: 

1.  The hole through the center of the start lever vs. the brass pin
2.  The start wire through the hole in the start lever
3.  The start wire through the hole in the ball release.
I’d suggest applying a little bit of force as you wiggle these connections separately, to loosen them up.  For example, turn the start lever a few times, while pressing with modest force towards the four sides of the board.  And as I suggested above, firmly hold the points where the wire meets the start lever and ball release, and apply some pressure to loosen up those holes.