Re: Digicomp II troubleshooting

Windell Oskay

Sorry to hear about the trouble.  The ball release wire is carefully tuned in length, so it probably is a good idea to let it warm up, adjust to room temperature, and so forth before worrying about anything.   If the balls and brass pins are cold and condensing water, that could easily cause additional friction, so give it a bit of time. 

Every single one of these First Edition kits is tested on (quite seriously) hundreds of balls worth of operations, to make sure that the ball release mechanism was “just so,” that every flip flop was working smoothly and that it was 100% reliable on every single function before it ships.  It probably will not need much (if any) adjustment to get it to work well.  Once it is warm, you may want to “exercise” the start lever and flip flops, gently, to make sure that nothing is catching anywhere.