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After looking around I found the answer to my 2.1.4 firmware problem. Other’s had the same servo problem and 2.1.5 came out and fixed that problem. The other problem I had was the EBB would not reset. The red and green leds would stop flashing for about 2 seconds and then go back to alternet back and forth flashing. Staying in bootloader mode. As to the Inkscape crash when paused, 2.0.2 fixed it for me. I am running Vista. The Egg-bot control said that was an inkscape bug causing the pause crash. I’m running 0.48 Inkscape. As of right now I am running correctly and will leave it at that. I did download 2.1.5 and if I don’t get rid of it I won’t be able to leave well enough alone. I’ll bet the bad words will be flying again. LOL   Thanks, Carl