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Windell Oskay

The “file” that it is looking for is the USB address of the EBB control board. So, the error message is really saying “I can’t find this USB device”, although it is failing in an unusual manner, and thus gets a rather cryptic error message.

You’re re-installing lots of things, which is one of those ways that unexpected things can go wrong. I’m not sure which version(s) you’re on now, but let’s try and take this from the top.

I presume that you have successfully installed the driver (in at least one of those attempts), so we shouldn’t need to worry about that.

1): I’d like to recommend that you run the EBB firmware updater, which should update the EBB to firmware version 2.5.1. If this works, it will also (more importantly) establish that your computer has a good and functional USB connection to the EBB. You can download the updater program from:

2): Let’s make sure that your Inkscape install is in good shape. First, remove any installed versions of Inkscape that you do have. (Having multiple copies of Inkscape on your computer is a common cause of various issues.) Since your computer is 64-bit, I’d highly recommend using the 64-bit version of Inkscape, and please stick with Inkscape version 0.91. You’ll want the “Windows : 64-Bit : Msi” installer version from the Inkscape 0.91 download page at:

(If you have already downloaded this, please go ahead and install the same copy that you downloaded previously.)

3): Verify that this is a fresh copy of Inkscape by checking to see that EggBot _does not_ occur in your Inkscape extensions menu.  Then, test to make sure that your extensions are working (in general) by trying Extensions > Render > Gear.

4): Download the newest version of the EggBot software (version 2.8.0), from here:

This version will need to be _manually_ installed. Follow the directions at that link for “Windows users” about how to install it.

5): Restart Inkscape, and see if you can connect to the EggBot.

If you should get stuck at any point along this process, please let me know where, and we’ll take it from there. I’d like to get to the bottom of it.