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Windell Oskay

The trouble is that you can use it for *almost anything* that needs two stepper motors, so many of the people using them don’t say much about it.  

There are quite a few drawbots, etch-a-sketch machines, and little CNC machines.  We’ve also seen a coil winding machine, rotary turntable for photography, and a linear-axis (lathe geometry) eggbot (the “mugbot”) for drawing on mugs.  And how about an automated labyrinth maze solver?  ( )
– Yes, running at higher voltage will provide more current, torque, and power to your motors.
– In my experience 7.5 degree motors are never all that smooth, but I haven’t actually tried one on the EBB.  With 48/steps per revolution native, in principle you can get 768 steps per revolution with the EBB and 16X microstepping.