Re: EiBotBoard driver(s) wont install on Win7 x64

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Hi, thanks a lot for the quick response.

Just tried that driver, unzipped to the correct Inkscape dir, ran the exe with EiBotBoard off.

Appeared to install OK, but when EiBotBoard plugged in got the usual ‘Device Driver was not successfully installed’

In Device Manager it appeared as EiBotBoard in Ports,

Device Status:

Reinstall the drivers for this device. (Code 18)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

Which is new, so progress of some sort is being made, thanks. 

I’ll keep trying, do you know if any particular Windows Updates etc are required for all this to work?

Inkscape works, and can run the extension – it just cant find an EBB.

Just deinstalled it all, then tried running USBDriverInstaller.exe with the EBB plugged in, in this case it failed with error 0x2

Discussion of this problem here:

 Why CDC Serial Device installation fails on Windows Vista and 7 ?

Had a look at  in the driver dir, it refers to mdmcpq.inf which doesnt exist on my system, I just searched drive C for it.

Neither does this dir:


Will keep looking and update you if I get it going, any and all ideas appreciated.