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Windell Oskay

Hi Fletcher,

I have heard of a similar error twice before– neither in the last 12 months –and I wasn’t able to get any debugging information about what could have caused it in either case. So, I am sorry for the trouble, and you very likely aren’t doing anything wrong, but have some kind of rare configuration that somehow conflicts with either Inkscape or serial communications through python. 
Here are a few things that you might try, that might help point us towards a solution:
* Please see if the error persists if you try to plot a blank document to the Eggbot.  
* See if other (default) extensions are working correctly.  One way is to select Extensions>Render>Gear and click “Apply,” and see if that works correctly.
* See if other Eggbot extensions that *do not* talk to the Eggbot are causing a crash as well.  Select Extensions>Eggbot>Strip Eggbot Data, and see if that crashes.   

Also do you happen to have a custom Python version installed on your system, and/or have you changed the system %PATH% variable in a way that might affect Python use? Inkscape ships with a private copy of Python which usually gets called (in a separate process) when a Python-based extension (like ours) is executed.