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Hiyo – I’m a noob too, but I got my Peggy Draw to work (woo hoo!) after having some connection and programming issues (Yea for maker spaces and community for figuring stuff out) – 

I just had a question about the PeggyDraw2 program does it only allow full on and full off? I know the lights have 16 degrees of variable tone, is there a way that I can plot those in PeggyDraw2 or do I need to figure out how to adjust the code manually (like I said, I’m a noob… but I’m understanding it more and more and could maybe figure that out in some time) – 

The Peggy planner is great, and helps me visualize what I want to do but I’m not sure what to do with the data dump and how that fits into everything (if I use that instead of Peggy draw to do what I’m trying to accomplish visually) 

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks for your awesome site and products – This board is going to make its debut at our Arts council gala this weekend and going to be reused in a lot of our upcoming kids classes :)